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Defendo Blue

Use of force instructor course. Over 40 hours intensive training, 14-19.5.2012.

Defendo Instructors can take a part of this course, also defendo students who has background of security fields can come to this course, but they need recommends of they own instructor who can guarantee their technical level of their hard target techniques

Defendo blue course includes:

  • Theory about stress reactions and mental preparations to life endangering confrontations
  • Tactical Planning Process
  • Teaching and organizing training, including force on force -scenarios
  • FX-Shooting training house
  • Handgun shooting
  • Scenario night club training
  • Applying Defendo Alliance -techniques to law enforcement and security scenarios.
  • Controlling a person and the use of handcuffs.
  • Using the baton and other non-lethal use of force equipments.
  • Use of handgun and force escalation training in force on force -scenarios.
  • Challenging training in various places, locations and different surroundings.

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More information

Training place: Police training center in Hungary
Price of  the camp includes hosting and 3 meals a day
Shooting bullets
FX-Training house bullets


Defendo Alliance  I.D.D.I Instructors
Antti Nurmi I.D.D.I Level 2
Jussi Jokinen I.D.D.I Level 1
Petteri Kantola I.D.D.I Level 1

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Antti Nurmi

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Antti Nurmi

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