Defendo Alliance

Instructor Courses

The courses are divided into three separate stages (40h per stage) that culminate in a test for the licence. Those who complete the course and licence test are official Defendo-instructors and have the right to use a Defendo Alliance sanctioned title of Defendo Instructor.

The instructor training is divided into four levels. Between each level there is a mininum of six months of practical and thoretical studying. For instance, an instructor that has completed Hard Target level has to instruct as a HT instructor for at least 6 months before he can take part in Combat Tech course. The same goes for CT instructors before they can participate in a S.T.A.R. level course.

  1. Basic Instructor Course - Phase 1. (Hard Target 40h)
  2. Instructor Course - Phase 2. (Combat Tech 40h)
  3. Advanced Instructor Course - Phase 3 (S.T.A.R 40h)
  4. Black belt -level - Phase 4 (Defendo Red 40h)

Phase 1 (Hard Target)

  • Training of basic techniques
  • Basic information on various attacks
  • Teaching
  • Physical training
  • Learned vs. autonomical reactions
  • Conflict situations
  • Tactics
  • Simulated training
  • Scenario training

Phase II. (Combat Tech)

  • Attacks from the front
  • Attacks from behind.
  • Surviving on the ground.
  • More about tactics and mental training.
  • This course offers a more in-depth view on defense against different attacks both standing and on the ground. The lectures are about aggression and motivational factors in confrontation and strategies in fighting.
  • The subjects covered are level II, III and IV in the level system of Defendo Alliance.

Phase III  (S.T.A.R.)

  • This course will  introduce defense against weapon threats and attacks. Weapons included are blunt objects, penetrating and slashing tools and threats including handguns. 
  • Defense as a third party is included as well as lectures about the emotional state in weapon confrontation.
  • The subjects covered are level V and VI in Defendo Alliances level system.



Jyrki Saario

+358 445 886622


We require a clean criminal record for all participants as well as a long history of martial arts. To become an instructor you must pass the instructor grade tests. Join our strong team from across the globe!

If your country still doesn't have any Defendo Alliance facilities, then are you our first representative there? We are searching for new persons of responsibility to represent Defendo Alliance in new countries.

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