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Training and touring in Thailand

Jyrki thai
Jyrki Saario started training Thai Boxing in Thailand in early 80's. He brought Thai Boxing knowledge to Scandinavia in 80's.

Defendo training and touring held in Thailand every year in autumn.

A group for all participants of TT courses in Thailand with Jyrki Saario and Antti Nurmi DEA ( Defendo Alliance) instructors.

Ten-days TT ( Touring and Training) in the Thailand with instructors and students from around the world. Experience in Defendo is a requirement for this unique tour of Thailand. Jyrki and Antti tailor the self-defense and physical training to the level and experience of the participants.

Please see below for a review of one of our TT courses. The TT tourse is centered in Koh Chang with a great beaches and nice restaurants and a lot of sunshine. We also train at Bangkok and one surprice location in Thailand.

You should expect intensive training of about 25 hours so there will be lots of time to enjoy the beauty of Thailand.
Besides Defendo we also train original Muay Thai with thai pro-instructors, as well as other types of exercises, including water and night training, training on the boat, outdoor training, and more.

The physical training section is customized according to the experience level of TT2013 course participants. As needed, we have separate sessions trainees and participating instructors, led by Jyrki Saario and Antti Nurmi instructors.

The TT2013 course covers many aspects of the Defendo system, including: defense against armed assaults; general fighting skills; training in various locations, environments and circumstances; and more.

Touring are also included, featuring Thailands probably most beautifal island – Koh Chang, City of Angels - Bangkok and one surprice destination.

Touring & Training is led by Jyrki Saario and Antti Nurmi.

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