Defendo Alliance

Level System

Defendo Alliance offers a unique training system, which gives you the chance to test your limits constantly and achieve your long term and short term goals.
Our instructors will train you through the levels, so you will achieve the goals you want. Each level concentrates on different aspects of self defense.

You will work through the different levels learning different skills, such as stand up fighting, defending against attack from the front and behind, ground defense, join manipulation, control techniques and tactics, mental preparedness and defense against weapons. Simulated situations (Simulation training) will prepare you to defend your self against any situation.

Hard Target

This is the first of six levels. This is where you learn the basics of self defense, which allows you to defend yourself. It teaches you the "never give up" mentality, which makes you a HARD TARGET to violence and criminals. The training is physical and fun, and is held in a safe environment.

Combat Tech

These are the three next stages of your training. These levels are very technique oriented and aim to make your techniques quicker and improve your self defense skills. They also aim to teach you how to defend yourself and control a larger or skilled attacker. These levels will also hone the skills you learnt in HARD TARGET and re-enforces the "Never give up" mentality through physical and mental training.

S.T.A.R (Special Tactics and Response)

These are the last two levels. These levels concentrate on defending yourself against weapons. Your skills are dramatically improved using realistic simulated training methods. This is a very high level tactical training program, which will prepare you for any self defense situation.

I.D.D.I (International Division of Defendo Instructors)

I.D.D.I (International Division of Defendo Instructors) level instructors teach defendo around the world and belong to the Research and Development team of Defendo.The task of I.D.D.I members is to develope Defendo and to ensure that the high standard of Defendo is maintained. Members teach Defendo internationally, and gather information about different regions needs and attitudes toward self defense so we can develope our system and keep it up to date with the needs of the modern world. Each I.D.D.I member has an extensive background in self defense and martial arts, and has comprehensive experience in security work.