Defendo Alliance


Training is diversed and increases physical condition, improves the student´s self-confidence and gives knowledge about how to survive from different kind of situations that you might encounter both in work and freetime.

Training is based on well educated instructors who share their knowledge, skills and experience with you.

Even though training is serious it´s not too serious. Little twinkle in the eye makes the training atmosphere relaxed and more easy
to learn. In the techinique training student´s physical abilities are used in the best possible way. Techniques are simple and easily absorbed and they also work in difficult conditions. Mental training teaches mind control.

Without the real mental strenght, you are always the underdog in the possible conflict. Observe your actions and you will do so also in the conflict.

Tactical training will teach you how to use techniques and mental side, required in the situation, with the most powerful way.

With the right kind of training, preparation and situational awareness You will have the chance of surviving a threatening situation when it will confront you. You don´t wanna bet on good luck too much!