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Defendo Blue 2DVD -Box

Defendo Blue- Self-defence for professionals in use of force and use of force system, based on realistic self-defence with Defendo Alliance techniques. The situations where your typical civilian would back away from; a person with a profession which requires use of force must know how to bring the situation to an end.


Defendo blue gives you model procedures and techniques to control a target person, but also the possible need to handle use of force tools. Pro active judgement of when use of force is needed, even when anticipatory, is an important part of tactical thinking and effective technical function in Defendo blue. Your own ability to function is a must to remain, civilians are not to be subjected to injury and the target persons possible injuries are to be kept at a minimal.

This in turn creates the idea that, situations which require active use of force are aimed at remaining controlled. When the situation requires self defence; effective basic Defendo techniques and model procedures are used to bring the situation back to a controlled use of force one. Defendo blue highlights solving procedures which are not contradictory with the regulations set by Finland to be in line with use of force techniques.

A certain important Defendo blue section is the use of tools which restrict ones movement (handcuffs and cable ties). Regardless to the positioning or space of the target person; he/she can be brought down either forwards or backwards. With turning techniques, the target person is set to a position which enables the use of handcuffs. In training, concentration is also placed on taking control of a subject and restraining him (handcuffing), even when the subject is attempting to resist.

Defendo blue is a use of force branch working under Defendo Alliance. The founder of Defendo Alliance, Jyrki Saario has with his thorough groundwork bred I.D.D.I Antti Nurmi as responsible instructor, with the responsibility of use of force professionals. In development and the resposibility of instructing are trainers Jussi Jokinen and Petteri Kantola.

The instructors in the video are:

  • Primus motor Jyrki Saario

I.D.D.I instructors:

  • Antti Nurmi
  • Petteri Kantola
  • Jussi Jokinen
  • Helicopter Paramedic Tuomas Elomaa



Use of force, technique and tactics

Sormilukko VHL


  • Basic Defendo Alliance techniques
  • Control situations standing up and on the ground
  • Controlling target person
  • Takedowns
  • The use of handcuffs
  • Telescopic baton techniques
  • A-defence with batona
  • Knife defence with baton


  • Identification of drug
  • Effect of drugs
  • Blood diseases


The use of a firearm and reasoning

  • Withdrawing a firearm and the basics of handling
  • Shooting stance and working under stress
  • Gun jamming
  • Squeezing shot and hold
  • Warning shot
  • Analyzation of incorrect shot
  • Judgement of use of force tool and switching them
  • Combining a firearm as part of other training
  • Instructor: Use of force instructor Petteri Kantola

Emergency First Aid


  • What is emergency first aid
  • Examination of an unconscious person
  • Stemming external bleeding
  • Wounds on fingers, extremities and head
  • Stab wounds and cuts in the body
  • Bracing and moving a patient
  • Instructor: Fire and rescue paramedic Jussi Jokinen

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